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Hail The Ghost


Hail The Ghost are a three-piece alternative band from Ireland. The band was formed in January 2014 by actor/singer/songwriter Kieran O'Reilly. The band includes two former members of White McKenzie - Eamonn Young and Ian Corr

'I can honestly say Headstoned it's one of the best new songs from an Irish band I've heard in a while. It has that reflective indie rock quality but there's something about the great writing and music that really makes this song stand out' - JOE DONNELLY, TXFM

'The alternative rock trio mix elements of The National, Interpol and Whipping Boy to create a brooding sound' - GOLDENPLEC

Niamh Crowther

Singer - Songwriter

Niamh came to prominence aged 16, when she beat over 15,000 other young people to claim the prestigious Youth Music Awards. The accompanying rave reviews and talk about town earned her “one to watch” accolades from the media. A succession of well received singles further enhanced her reputation. Supported by an extensive radio tour the last single “Little by Little” was one of the most played independent Irish tracks played across Irish radio last summer. That success continued into the autumn as the song made its way to the US and Europe, getting support countless stations including Janice Long on BBC Radio 2. A success made even more remarkable given Niamh is combining her burgeoning music career whilst studying full time in Dublin.


Indie - rock

MKAI – A band of four brothers, made their debut appearance with an explosive performance at Electric Picnic. Their debut EP ‘Waiting’ saw them teaming up with producer Rob Kirwan (Hozier, Bell X1, U2, Depeche Mode), which reached #3 in the iTunes Album Charts and was released with a sold out show in the Crane Lane Theatre, Cork.

Hot Press Magazine's Hot For 2015: “(MKAI ) …have been making waves over the past year or so, most significantly in November when their Waiting EP occupied the No.3 spot on the iTunes Chart. It sat comfortably between One Direction and Taylor Swift, who they momentarily bumped down to fourth. All adept players from an early age, MKAI incorporate wandering guitar figures, piano and electronics into songs replete with a strong sense of melody and urgency.”



A busy port town in Ireland's South East is the last place you'd expect such a fearless, dark & raw sound to emerge from. With the respective birthplaces of blues & grunge situated thousands of miles away, location becomes a mere fact of conscious reality once you let yourself in. Creating in a dimly-lit basement during twilight hours under a shroud of solitude, the songs seem to come from somewhere else. This is his world, one of primal reactions, of pure instinct, a world which has been painted using the darkness in which it was created.

Thunderous drums, growling bass, ferocious guitars and howling vocals combine to bring a huge sound to life on stage. Blending the power & fire of traditional blues with trashy garage rock riffs & in-your-face vocals, WOLFF strikes a shadowy figure. Like the lyric says 'You can sleep when you're dead & done' and it looks like this beast is just waking up.



OCHO’s debut album was released in May 2012 and instantly caught the attention of national radio. They were invited into RTÉ studios to record a live set for the 2FM Sessions and were awarded the Today FM recommended daily download, both very high accolades for an up and coming band in Ireland. They performed a number of sold out shows and were given one of the very few performance slots at Ireland’s biggest music Festival, ELECTRIC PICNIC, where they performed on the main stage for Body & Soul. They also played at Castlepalooza and the Beatyard music festival in Dublin.

From day one of it’s release, ‘Young Hunting’ was blogged about and reviewed worldwide. Phrases such as ‘Stylishly agressive’, ‘hauntingly beautiful’ were used to express how reviewers were feeling when they heard OCHO’s debut album.

“‘Young Hunting‘ draws you instantly in, from beginning to end, floating out the speakers like a ghost effecting it’s surroundings” Mutantspace



Ships are Simon Cullen and Sorca McGrath. They live in Dublin and enjoy experimenting with sound and song.

Their sound has been both widely and wildly compared with that of Fleetwood Mac, DFA, Kraftwerk, Moloko, Prince and Neil Sedaka to name a few, while they themselves offer that the comparisons made to date, when correct, reveal only a handful of their heroes. However they say their greatest influence is the human mind and the power of relationship, companionship and all the other 'ships that make the sum of life greater than our parts.

Chris Kabs


Chris Kabs is a dynamic artist and music producer able to delve into Pop , Soul , Reggae & contemporary R&B sound, a producer and artist. The twist in his music comes down to him producing natural rhythms and music flow. A new genre and voice that expresses music to move people’s emotions…

Pursued By Dogs

Indie/Electro Rock

PURSUED BY DOGS are a four-piece from Dublin who play guitars, keys, bass, synths and computers. 'A Tunnel | Whiskey Ruin EP' is the first release from the band’s debut album which was recorded by producer James Darkin at Temple Lane and Herbert Place Studios in the winter of 2016. Follow up single 'Iceland' is released digitally on July 17th.

The band’s sound has been describe as ‘indietronica’, but they prefer this description “…at the line between sad and blissful, a fuzzy end-of-the-night type of music that’s simultaneously affecting and rousing.”

The Hot Sprockets

Rock 'n' Roll / Indie

The Hot Sprockets are five blood brothers from Dublin City, drawn together by their mutual love of Rock 'n' Roll. Take some good-time revolutionary spirit, add a pinch of psychedelic flavour, simmer it down with some Indie Soul and you are now somewhere close to the cosmic vibe of The Hot Sprockets.

AIB, Bulmers and Today FM are among some of the companies which have used their songs for major ad campaigns, both in Ireland and abroad. Most recently, Heineken used their music for an ad campaign in Switzerland.