Articulating how you want your bespoke composition to sound can be difficult. With this in mind, a direct line of contact between you and the composer is essential. Looking at various elements such as sonic palette, harmonic structure and tempo, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of work. From start to finish, we guarantee a straight forward process while always taking your budget into consideration and how to get the most out of it.

Recent Compositions:
Blackbird 2018 - Feature Film (Dancelord Productions)
Homestore & More (TV campaign 2018)
Electric Ireland - 'Stay Happy' Campaign (TBWA)
Dulux - 'The Invincibles' (Motherland / Boys & Girls)
ESB - 'Safety Campaign' (TBWA)
Newstalk - 'Moving Ireland's Dial' - Failsafe Productions
Setanta - 'The Donegal All Black' (Midas Productions)
Excalibur 'Behind the Movie' - (RTE)
National Lottery 'Good Causes' - (Failsafe Productions)

Music Supervision

Music is very personal. For that reason alone, people don’t like to be told what’s 'good'. Our job as music supervisors is to offer solutions that will fit your budget, suit your project and avoid any licensing barriers. Following a discussion about your project or reference track(s), we start digging. Taking everything from forgotten commercial music, independent music and music that’s in the public domain into consideration, we return to you with options.

Music Supervision Projects:
'Blackbird' 2018 - Feature Film - (Dancelord Productions/West One Entertainment)
Cardboard Gangsters 2017 (Feature Film)
Redwater (BBC Television Series)
The Donegal All Black - Setanta Documentary
Club Orange - Super Split Campaign
Allianz League

Music Licensing

Licensing music for your project can be complicated. Whether it’s finding the correct publisher for your track or understanding the ever changing legal landscape, it can become very time consuming. Using our extensive knowledge and our first hand relationships with all major publishing companies, we can guarantee to make your licensing process as straight forward as possible.

Recent Clearances:
Michael Sembello 'Maniac' - Cardboard Gangsters
David Bowie - 'Heroes' - Woodies Heroes (Rothco)
Wolff - 'Flesh, Blood, Skin and Bone' - Allianz League
Hail The Ghost - 'Lazise' - GAA Now
Cathy Davey - 'Reuben' & 'Little Red' - Redwater (BBC)
Ham Sandwich - 'Illuminate' - Redwater (BBC)
Kila - 'Cardinal Knowledge' - Redwater (BBC)

Please find below a pricing guideline to help you plan your project

Demo Compositions


2 x 40 second demo compositionsLet us show you what we can do.

Bespoke Compositions


per projectPlease get in touch for a free consultation.

Music Supervision


Daily ratePlease get in touch for a free consultation.

Licensing Quotes


Per QuoteThis cost is deducted from your final licensing fee.



per track€500 (per track) or 10% of licensing fee.

Full Service


Price on applicationSupervision, Licensing & Composition.

As each bespoke composition and it’s use will vary, a consultation will help us to determine this cost for you.

For further information on our services, please contact Owen on 0851736308 or complete the contact form below.